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Bishop Iftikhar Indryas, Smyrna Church of Pakistan said that the New Covenant School System was established in 2012 as a non-government, non-profit and Charity organization with an objective to promote education by establishing purpose built schools/institutions, to bear the education expenses of poor, orphan, deserving, needy and intelligent students; to rescue slave children from Brick Klan, and to build Orphanages etc.

The construction of disposal station in the vicinity of the New Covenant School System (NCSS) is part of greater game plan.  It is a known fact that depriving Christians from education is part of a greater plan. Sanitation Jobs are only reserved for Christians in Pakistan. Status qou considers Christian to be an “Unlimited Supply” of sanitary workers. State functionaries like WASA is largely used for this inhumane purpose from decades. WASA intends to keep Christian children uneducated. So that the unlimited supply of sanitary worker may keep flowing.

The end objective of WASA is to shutdown NCSS by hook or by crook.  WASA has been involved in the systematic genocide of Christian from years WASA has been exploiting Christian from decades. Hundreds of Sanitary workers of WASA have lost their lives in the line of duty while thousands have succumbed to deadly diseases like hepatitis and others.

Now, the students of NCSS are a soft target for WASA. But for the first time in the decades WASA faced agitation/resistance from Christians. We will not allow WASA to succeed in its nefarious aims to persecute Christians. We will not allow WASA to in humiliate Christian children anymore. We stand firm against such atrocities. Christian of Pakistan will no longer clean the gutters. We will not leave Christian children in the lurch of WASA. Not anymore!

Ms. Zeba Niamat, Principal, New Covenant School System said that it an evident building such disposal adjacent to schooling carried out by the WASA, which is hazardous for the pupils and irresponsibility of WASA.  This is causing hinders to the education of 1600 students and could deteriorate their health. The school management showed WASA an alternate place where the disposal station could be built but WASA has built a disposal station adjacent to the school despite vehement protest by the local Christian communities.  We stand with our community for the sake of their continuity of education and thus appeal to the Prime Minister and Chief Minister Punjab along with concern authorities to revoke this disposal from this site immediately in order to provide pupils with better atmosphere for proper education.

Miss Mara Shehbaz, Student The New Covenant School System said that this system create high pitch noise and smell thus created difficult for students to concentrate on their studies.  We all students appeal the authorities to kindly take this system away from school and give us clean environment for our education and to save us from diseases.  Because this disposal system is imperil the health of the children and the nearby community.

Mr. Sajid Bashir  (spoke person) Environment Protection Agency said that are two kinds of projects i.e. public private partnership and the other is government project.  We can only intervene in the public private partnership and not the government projects.  At that time, EPA issued the NOC that has been cancelled by the Lahore High Court owing to nausea and other dangerous hazards to public at large.  Now, its upto WASA to remove the drainage from the site, and we have no control over it.

Mr. Amin Dogar (spoke person) Water and Sanitation Agency, Faisalabad confirmed that WASA’s NOC was cancelled but Environment Protection Agency asked WASA to resolve few concerned issued so their NOC could be reinstated. The reservations are to cover the tube-wells by fiber shed, shift away the generators, to plant 700 plants and make it noiseless.  The WASA has carried out all the reservations raised by the EPA and same is reported to EPA.  Now the matter is in the legal process.

Mr. Ejaz Alam Augustine, Minister for Human Rights and Minority Affairs Department, Punjab said that PTI Government has taken affirmed initiative against the Water and Sanitary Agency (WASA), Faisalabad for structuring drainage disposal adjacent to New Convent School, Madina Town Faisalabad.  WASA obtained an NOC from the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) at the time of previous government when construction this drainage.  This brings hazard to schooling environment, thus Lahore High Court has cancelled this NOC.

At present, parliamentarians of PLM(N) and WASA Administration are resisting to remove this drainage owing to spent a large sum of funds constructing it.  He said that they are hopeful to remove this drainage away from school sooner.  The disposal station is going to adversely affect and degrade the life of poor Christian citizens and pose health hazard to a large number of people.

June 8, 2021

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