A review of KP’s minorities’ laws

During a session of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Assembly in October 2016, […]

Plans underway to revive Mansehra’s glorious gurdwara

Man Singh was a notable general and warrior in the army of […]

History made as KP elects first Sikh senator

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Religious tourism in KP waiting to be tapped

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Ignoring the archeological value of religious sites

The responsibility entrusted upon the Evacuees Trust Property Board to look after […]

Changing women’s fates for 25 years

The constant hustle bustle at Baji Nasreen’s home in Peshawar’s Tehkal locality […]

Tribal women’s plight far from over

If any woman calls the radio station, or seeks any kind of […]

Transgender assaulted in Peshawar hospital

If I don’t conform to one of the two main genders then […]

Major attacks on minorities in KP

September 22, 2013, a Sunday, is etched in the memories of Peshawar’s […]