Satish Anand’s Eveready Pictures, created by his father Jagdish Chandra Anand in 1946 in Karachi, is one of the country’s oldest and biggest film production and distribution companies. After completing his graduation in economics in 1971, Satish took over the company after the sudden demise of his father in 1977.

Some of the major hits produced by the company include Sassi, Heer (1955), Miss (1956), Hatim (1956), Ishq-e-Laila (1957), Noor-e-Islam (1957) and Hasrat (1958). “Noor-e-Islam” stands out as it featured a Naat performed by Christians Salim Raza and Irene Perveen. To-date, Eveready Pictures has released over 700 Hollywood and Bollywood films, and also produced over 250 entertainment shows for the TV screen.

Talking to Sabaat, Anand said as has been the case with other sectors, the cinema industry too has taken a severe battering due to the coronavirus pandemic. He called for a bailout package such as that for the construction sector to save the entertainment industry of the country, and suggested that films and cinemas be declared tax free for a limited time period to boost the sector.

As for the future of the industry, he noted that films depend on technical skills, training and adequate budgets. “Unless there is a growth in the number of screens, we will only witness limited number of average standard films,” he shared. He added that the penetration of cinemas into the general public is imperative for the industry’s survival.

“Can you imagine that Karachi with its small population at the time of Partition offered around 70 cinemas,” he recalled. Anand also cited the negative effect of tensions with India on the cinema industry, asserting that Indian films draw crowds on a continuous basis owing to their sheer frequency.

Nevertheless, he added, the last five years have perhaps been the best for the industry as Pakistani films have been giving a tough time to Bollywood as well as Hollywood.

About discrimination in society with regards to minorities, Anand said discrimination exists in various forms, such as religion, language, economic status, and educational background, and it is up to one’s self how to counter it.

Expressing his views about Eveready Pictures, Censor Board’s Umer Khittab said the production company set the standard of the Pakistani film industry. “Satish not only gives support to film producers and directors but also has the ability to produce, release, distribute and market films in all languages,” he underscored.

Filmmaker Mehreen Illahi said Satish has produced numerous films and has been instrumental in giving the industry a new life.

“Satish Anand is a pioneer and a pillar of our film industry and his contribution and understanding of the business is unmatched,” claimed Wajahat Rauf, a renowned film producer. He added that Satish “has been a successful producer and distributor for decades but the thing I like about him most is his integrity and value of his commitment.”

January 2, 2021

‘Satish Anand has kept Pakistani cinema alive’

Satish Anand’s Eveready Pictures, created by his father Jagdish Chandra Anand in […]